The city of Mostar as a leader and motivator of the energy transition - 'City of good energy'

Mostar - city of good energy

Mostar - city of good energy

On Wednesday, February 17, 2023 a round table was held on the topic: "Prosumers in the new legal framework of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina". It was organised by the Operator for renewable energy sources and efficient cogeneration in Mostar. In addition to representatives of the organisers were representatives of the following organisations: Regulatory Commission for Energy in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, and the City of Mostar, electrical companies operating in the territory of the Federation of BiH, international organizations GIZ and USAID, the Environmental Protection Fund, county ministries, cities and municipalities in the Federation of BiH, as well as representatives of non-governmental associations.

The round table was organised with the aim of informing the public about the prosumer categories envisaged by the proposal of the new Law on the use of renewable energy sources and efficient cogeneration, as well as the reasons for the introduction of the prosumer category and potential benefits for society from the construction of prosumer plants.

The experiences of the City of Mostar in the implementation of a pilot project on subsidizing the construction of prosumer facilities at the local level were presented to the attendees by Darko Knezović, energy manager and coordinator of the City of Mostar.

"The installation of solar power plants on as many roofs as possible of our buildings has the potential to be a leader in the energy transition, but this will not happen by itself, but it is necessary to provide assistance and maximum support to citizens and the City.

Utilizing the energy of the sun through the installation of solar power plants is currently the economically, technically and socially optimal way of accelerating the energy transition and the transition to a low-carbon society.

Proactive support through consulting, education, technical and administrative support, Financial support, Lead by example - show that an inclusive energy transition is possible, develop own capacities and knowledge and cooperation with other actors, Real estate harmonization project (harmonization of cadastre and land), needs to be simplified procedures for obtaining documentation for the construction of solar power plants - initiated initiative to amend the Act on the construction of HNŽ.

The city of Mostar has successfully completed and is currently implementing several energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. At the Round Table, two EU projects related to the application of solar energy were particularly highlighted, namely the SolarCet project and the Balkan Solar Roofs project", said Knezović and added:

"Energy is a public good that should be equally accessible to all citizens, and the energy transition should serve to ensure that every citizen, all of us, gets free, fair and equal access to renewable energy sources such as solar wind and biomass. Then it is "Good energy".

The City's determination to implement the guidelines for energy transition and increase the use of solar energy is publicly expressed by signing the Declaration on Good Energy, which will be on the agenda of the next session of the City of Mostar General Assembly.

The participants of the Round Table are of the common opinion that there is a great interest in investing in civil energy in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but for its implementation it is necessary to adopt a new law, as well as to prepare by-laws that will simplify the procedure for the construction and connection of prosumer plants in the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The importance of organizing such gatherings was also emphasized, as well as the need to organize educational workshops for the general public and the media so that information about the benefits of using renewable energy sources would reach all interested parties in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a timely manner.“…

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