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Grafting Cities - Energy Cities - Porec Sunny office

Grafting Cities - Energy Cities - Porec Sunny office

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The Porec Sunny office was presented as an example of good practice, development of cooperation and technical support systems between local self-government units and citizens, at the recent annual international conference organized by the International associations Energy Cities and Climate Alliance, held in the Italian city of Modena.

The Sunny office is one of the activities within the project „Balkan Solar Roofs“, which the Town of Porec-Parenzo implements in cooperation with Energy Cities, and as such it represents a unique example of a place where citizens can get advisory support, completely free of charge, related to the possibility of using solar energy through its own solar (PV) power plant.

The concept itself, and the activities that the Town of Porec-Parenzo implements as part of the Porec Sunny office, were presented by Gordana Lalic, the CEO of the Municipal Company „Parentium d.o.o.“, which has the role of coordinator in the project implementation.

The fact that the activities carried out by the Town of Porec-Parenzo in its territory are recognized at the level of the European Union is an additional confirmation that Porec is a „City tailored to its citizens“ that resolutely steps on the path of sustainable development and energy, and climate policies, taking into account of the transition fairness and to what we leave as a legacy to future generations, Lalic concluded.

Let us remind you that since April 2020, the Town of Porec-Parenzo has been a full member of the International association Energy Cities, founded in 1990, whose membership includes more than 1,000 cities from 30 countries, with main office in Besancon (FR) and an office in Brussels (BE).

The Energy Cities activities are focused on the information and knowledge exchange, and proposing solutions for an innovative approach to energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and sustainable development of cities, with the aim of facilitating and accelerating the process of European cities energy transition from fossil to renewable energy sources.

As part of the four-day event and the regular electoral assembly, the members of the Energy Cities Board of Directors were elected for the next three years.

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