Pirot – leading Serbian city on renewables and community energy joins Balkan Solar Roofs

Balkan Solar Roofs is being piloted in three cities - Poreč-Parenzo (Croatia), Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Kragujevac (Serbia) and is being rolled out to 40 Balkan cities.

Pirot joins Balkan Solar Roofs

Pirot joins Balkan Solar Roofs

With a newly-launched campaign, open to all municipalities in the Balkan area, the project aims to enable and inspire 500 new solar roof installations by 2024.

The Serbian city of Pirot, which is known as a pioneer in renewables and community energy, is the first city to join the campaign. They were no stranger to Balkan Solar Roofs, as they attended the first project event held last July in Poreč. They have now decided to accelerate the deployment of solar energy in their city thanks to the Balkan Solar Roofs campaign!

The City of Pirot is developing projects for rooftop solar power panels on its public buildings. A 5-kW system has already been built on a school, and is about to be connected to deliver its surplus power to the grid. Pirot is also willing to encourage energy consumers to take an active part and turn into prosumers. The municipality has recently signed a contract with the newly-created energy cooperative Elektropionir, which is currently building Serbia’s first two cooperative power plants, located on Mt. Stara Planina.

We are looking forward to new cities joining Pirot, Poreč-Parenzo, Mostar and Kragujevac. The Balkan Solar Roofs campaign is open to all cities in the Balkan area, and beyond, that are willing to showcase their endeavours and inspire others. You can visit the campaign’s poster gallery here, and create your own poster with our free tool to promote your actions, once you have registered as a participant.

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Let’s join forces to make solar power shine in Balkan cities!

(photo credit  - Aleksa Cakić / City of Pirot)

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