905 (km2) Area
82541 Population
1 Powerplants
10 (kWp) Total power
€ 0 Saved so far
0 Roof equivalents

Why have we joined the Balkan Solar Roofs Campaign?

The city of Valjevo places special emphasis on renewable energy sources and this is a project that is fully in line with our sustainable development program.

What are our ambitions in terms of energy and climate?

A greener, more resilient, low-carbon local government transitioning to a net-zero carbon economy by promoting a clean and fair energy transition. Raising the level of environmental awareness of citizens through inclusion in national and international programs for increasing energy efficiency and promoting the use of renewable energy sources.

What are our strengths to turn these ambitions into reality?

The city of Valjevo is a community of equal citizens, interested in their own lives and in the lives of future generations, a community dedicated to sustainable development. Favorable geographical position on important highways and proximity to potential emission markets, a wealth of cultural heritage in a relatively small area, the integration of cultural wealth into tourist attractive natural areas, a large number of monasteries, a large number of famous people born from this area, events related to national history made it possible to distinguish Valjevo as an authentic tourist destination. In addition, the City of Valjevo successfully implements projects at the national level in the field of energy transition to solar energy. The goal of the city of Valjevo is to access international funds through local projects in the field of energy efficiency.

Interesting facts

Average insolation
Renewable energy generated
0 kWh
CO2 savings so far
0.000 g CO2
Financial savings so far
€ 0
Roof equivalents
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Photovoltaic: 0 | Thermal: 0
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