34 (km2) Area
8656 Population
1 Powerplants
420 (kWp) Total power
€ 436768 Saved so far
84 Roof equivalents

Why have we joined the Balkan Solar Roofs Campaign?

The City of Zabok as a local self-government unit joined the "Balkan Solar Roofs" initiative in order to support and encourage the solar energy production and use in its area.

What are our ambitions in terms of energy and climate?

Improvement of energy infrastructure

Protection and improvement of the natural environment

Improvement of municipal infrastructure

Sustainable and efficient spatial management and promotion of the green infrastructure development

Promotion of sustainable development and agriculture

What are our strengths to turn these ambitions into reality?

The mission of the City of Zabok is the establishment and support of local self-government through the performance of all the basic functions of city management; to always be at the citizens service, business partners and guests - by creating, maintaining and improving a safe and healthy living and working environment. Striving for continuous improvement of living conditions, the City continuously works to improve of all its residents quality of life, as well as the city administration work.  Efficient and timely, transparent and high-quality performance of functions and tasks, in accordance with the Law on Local and Regional Self-Government and other legal regulations governing the area of activity, is the mission of the Mayor and the City administration. 

In cooperation with the citizens and their participation in decision-making, as well as responsible management, the City of Zabok is cemented in the minds of current and potential future residents - as a city of opportunities, exceptional quality of life and work, a place of educated and promising people, who work together to achieve set goals and projects and thus create a bright future for all residents.

Interesting facts

Average insolation
4.9 hours/day
Renewable energy generated
3 GWh
CO2 savings so far
0.965 kT CO2
Financial savings so far
€ 436768
Roof equivalents
Private: 0 | Public: 84
Photovoltaic: 84 | Thermal: 0
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