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Why have we joined the Balkan Solar Roofs Campaign?

The city of Belgrade, as the dominant development and economic center of the region, has a significant role in implementing the goals set in the international Convention, known as the Paris Agreement, on the prevention of climate change, that is, on adaptation due to the adverse consequences of climate change. Climate change, although generally viewed as a global problem, also has significant adverse effects on the composition, productivity and overall functioning of local socio-economic systems, as well as on human health and well-being. The city of Belgrade within the Republic of Serbia contributes significantly to the effects caused by climate change, but also suffers the consequences of climate change. Due to the high level of urbanization, the growth of the share of built-up areas, the emission of gases with the greenhouse effect, as well as the ever-increasing areas of impervious surfaces, climate changes are becoming more and more noticeable for ordinary citizens, affecting the quality of life. These are the main reasons for joining the Serbian capital to an initiative that will contribute to environmental protection and energy saving.

What are our ambitions in terms of energy and climate?

The City of Belgrade is determined to provide a safe, healthy and clean environment for its citizens, and in recent years we have undertaken itself a significant work dedicated to improving the quality of the urban fabric. This initiative will help us focus on our environmental performance and our response to the challenges that global climate change presents to us as a city, and will also help us attract the additional investment necessary to create a truly sustainable city. This will also help us to build on the investments we have already made in improving infrastructure and services for the citizens of Belgrade, including: continued investment in the public transport renewal program, reconstruction and rehabilitation of streets and subways
infrastructure, energy efficiency program, public lighting, improvement of green areas and recycling.

What are our strengths to turn these ambitions into reality?

The biggest potential for improving energy efficiency in Belgrade is on the consumer side. The rehabilitation of existing residential and commercial space, publicly and privately owned buildings, as well as the installation of solar panels on public and private buildings, opens up space for a significant reduction in final energy consumption, frees up the capacities of district heating and gasification systems for the connection of new users, and opens up the market for energy and construction services worth several billion euros.

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